While we can’t welcome you to the Red Chris Mine for now, or even visit you in your communities, we’d love for you to join us in this online room. Here you’ll learn the latest updates from the mine site, what our plans are, career and training opportunities, and more.

The room is interactive, so please go ahead and click on anything you see to make it bigger, have text read to you if you find it hard to read, and watch a video or two. You can also watch live-streamed and recorded events at our virtual stage.

So, please - come in any time, look around, stay awhile, and enjoy!

What's Inside



Inside the virtual open house you’ll find several boards laid out in a circle around the room. Each board represents a different topic related to the Red Chris Mine.

You can also watch live-streamed and recorded events at our virtual stage.


Click on the board to see the slides and images. If you find it hard to read, you can click on the ‘play’ button at the bottom of the slide once you’ve clicked on it to have the text read out to you.


Learn more about block caving and the benefits of going underground.


More information

Additional materials are sometimes provided at the bottom of each board. Click on them to enlarge and print if you’d like. You might also notice a ‘play’ button at the bottom of the board. Click on it to have the board read aloud to you, especially if you find the text hard to read.

Red Chris Videos & Block Cave Project


Videos & Live Meetings

We are looking forward to hosting many live sessions in the near future where we can share our plans and activities and hear directly from you. Stay tuned for the next live meeting – follow us on Facebook or sign up to our email list.


The Block Cave Project

It’s no secret anymore – Red Chris is aiming to go underground! We’re bringing our block caving expertise to the Red Chris mine which will potentially result in an extended mine life, lower environmental impact, and a reduction in waste rock.

What is block caving and what are the implications for the environment, jobs, and benefits to Tahltan and surrounding communities?

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